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2014-02-05 12:46:13 by Fautzo

lol hi


2012-07-19 22:27:38 by Fautzo


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I'm bored so uh hi

2011-12-05 00:44:46 by Fautzo

whats up


2010-10-02 03:23:01 by Fautzo



2010-07-22 22:04:35 by Fautzo

so kitty day is delayed till august 17

fuck dat im still submitting something on the 24th

they're probably gonna wait till the last minute and make 10 minute shit spam flashes anyways, i don't see how spam takes a month to make.

ho hum

2010-07-16 20:04:43 by Fautzo

kinda bored

what u guys doin?

i might go grab some animal crackers soon

ho hum

so sad

im gunna go listen to linkin park

upwn is getting gayer by the second

i smell something

2010-07-01 02:43:42 by Fautzo

Trouble is a-brewin' on I can SMELL IT

i smell something

someone play steam w/ me

2010-06-30 02:48:36 by Fautzo

also that new counter strike stats and stuff is p cool

oh and my birthday's tommorrow but i gotta go to work that day :(

someone play steam w/ me


2010-06-22 19:39:31 by Fautzo

my bday is cumin up

also someone play tf2 w/me

also im saving up for a microkorg